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Thinking About Cremation

 At some point, each of us must give consideration as to how we would like to handle our end-of-life preparations or for those of a loved one. For an increasing number of people, cremation has become a preferred alternative to a traditional burial. Our crematory at Phoenix Funeral Services, Inc., is on-site here in our facility, therefore you and your loved ones, never have to worry about your loved one being sent to another location for the cremation process.


Cremation Doesn't Limit Funeral Service Options

 Choosing cremation will not eliminate the option to have a funeral service. While you may certainly choose to hold services with the cremated remains present "Memorial Service", many people choose to hold traditional funeral services before the cremation has taken place, we here at Phoenix Funeral Services, Inc. can assist you with traditional funeral service options that fit you and your families wishes and budget.


Final Resting Place

 Just as with every step in final arrangements, there are many options for selecting a final resting place following a cremation including:

Placed in a mausoleum or columbarium which is an option for people who prefer above ground burial.

Interred in a burial plot.

Located in a special urn garden that many cemeteries provide.

Retained by a loved one as a cherished possession.

Scattered in cemetery gardens specifically designated for this purpose or scattered in a place with personal significance.


Many Choose to Preplan Funeral Services to Ensure

 The service will reflect the life they have lived, the way they would like it remembered. The amount of decisions family and friends will need to make at a highly emotional time is decreased. It allows each individual to determine the total amount of money spent on their services. Prefunding your funeral will also alleviate any financial burden placed on loved ones.

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